I contacted the Tracey initially several years ago in my first pregnancy as I had a diastasis recti which completely healed with Tracey’s help. I got in touch with her again following my second birth as I was left with a prolapse due to my 2 pregnancies and deliveries. 

Tracey has made such a difference to my life after working with this. I was previously under the impression that nothing but surgery could help, however all the techniques she has taught me have made a huge difference to the severity of the prolapse to the point that it no longer has a significant impact. 

I was really impressed at the thorough, professional assessment and treatment I received which included actual measurements and specific feedback on my recovery and improvement. 

I would highly recommend getting in touch with her if you have a similar problem.

Kate - now starting to run again

A bladder prolapse at 60 heavily impacted on my life and affected me in every way. I signed up for Tracey’s pelvic floor classes. The first thing she explained was where the pelvic floor should be…shock, horror…really all the way up there? It was a real education. Unfortunately my prolapse was stage 3 so I opted for the operation two years ago but thanks to Tracey I was well prepared for it following the classes, which helped with my recovery. Life is back to where it should be and I can get out and about again. I continue to do pelvic floor exercises every day.

Jackie K

Having previously undergone an unsuccessful vaginal repair to correct a prolapse and facing the prospect of either a re-repair or vaginal hysterectomy, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have discovered The Body Motion Company and its inspirational founder, physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates instructor Tracey Gjertsen. 

Tracey has guided and encouraged me through a programme which has combined Pilates with a focussed and increasingly challenging corrective exercise regime which has gradually renewed my confidence in my body through developing greater muscle strength and control. What has been fundamental to this success has been Tracey’s six week Pelvic Health course which combined underpinning anatomical theory and the principles of pelvic health education  with tightly focussed, individually adapted and closely corrected exercise. It is the understanding this course has given me of the inter-relationship to pelvic health of correct breathing, effective muscle engagement and relaxation and functional movement that has validated and reinforced the programme I am following with her. 

My original objective was to give further surgery the greatest chance of success by strengthening my pelvic floor muscles but the work I have done with Tracey over the last six months has had such positive results that my pelvic floor and the prolapse itself have improved to the point that indefinite deferral of surgery now appears to be a realistic option. With the continued support of my GP and Consultant Urogynaecologist, l am confident that, working under Tracey’s expert instruction, I will in the future see even further improvement in my pelvic health.

Having suffered from pelvic floor weakness and latterly, prolapse, for more years than I care to remember, and, with previous medical and physio advice providing little improvement, I must admit I embarked on the 6 week Pelvic Health Course with a degree of scepticism.

As an ardent Pilates student of Tracey Gjertsen I should have realised that Tracey thoroughly researches and refines all that she offers her students and that this course would be of  the same high quality. I was not disappointed and the improvement in my pelvic health after just six weeks is impressive and really confidence boosting. What is so different about this course? 

With her usual combination of wit, humour, challenge and expert knowledge, Tracey taught us, with clear illustrations, the structure and functions of the pelvic floor and how and why things can go wrong. Discussion, carefully designed challenging yet achievable exercises, combined with weekly homework, provided the right degree of understanding and motivation to make a huge difference. I am now looking forward to further embedding all I have learned and benefited from with a 6 weekly homework plan and one hour refresher session that complements the course. 

Thank you, Tracey. I have achieved so much!

JH - Lincoln

Before I attended Tracey’s pelvic health course I was having to get up at least 3 times a night to wee, but often as many as 5 times!  This left me feeling tired and weary by the afternoon, but since doing this course I get up to wee just the once, which is great and a massive improvement that’s had such a positive knock on effect in each day.


Tracey is so generous with her extensive knowledge and is clearly passionate about women’s health. 

Having regularly exercised to stay as fit and strong as I could I was suddenly horrified after a heavy weights session to experience a pelvic floor heaviness that was both uncomfortable and frightening. I knew this could lead to full prolapse and immediately sought help from Tracey who could not have been more reassuring with her obvious professionalism and knowledge.   

I have learnt so much about my body and how to exercise safely through Tracey’s guidance and care. I no longer experience any heaviness. I have also discovered both Pilates and reformer not only help with my pelvic floor but with my flexibility and posture as I enter into my sixties. 

Tracey has also helped me resolve bladder frequency issues that were having a huge impact on my quality of life and I cannot recommend her highly enough for all women’s health issues.


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