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Tracey has helped me resolve bladder frequency issues that were having a huge impact on my quality of life and I cannot recommend her highly enough for all women’s health issues.


10 to 12 week online video course, designed and led by a specialist physiotherapist

  • Start to feel the benefits within 3 weeks
  • Expertly developed program that gets results (full details below)
  • Weekly/fortnightly videos with homework
  • Helps tackle stress incontinence, urgency & frequency
  • One-off £50 payment for 6 months access to course
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Tracey holding model of a pelvic girdle

Tracey Gjertsen is an experienced musculoskeletal and women’s health physiotherapist based in Lincolnshire. This course allows you to benefit from Tracey’s extensive knowledge and expertise, achieving the same successful outcomes as her many satisfied clients.

More about Tracey

Having worked in sport and fitness for many years, Tracey believes in supporting women to stay active and strong throughout every phase of life.

Tracey graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a First Class Honours Degree in Physiotherapy and has undertaken research and postgraduate studies in Pelvic Health. She is Chartered and State Registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is a member of the Pelvic and Obstetrics Gynaecological Physiotherapy group and the British Menopause Society.

She has special interests in Menopause Management and Post-Natal Recovery and delivers The Mummy MOT at the Lincoln Pilates Studio. Tracey incorporates her skills as a Clinical Pilates teacher and Hypopressive (LPF) trainer to help women along their very individual path to recovery and fitness.

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Course Information

Pelvic Floor Weakness, Stress Incontinence, Frequency & Urgency


“Only when I laugh”


10-12 Week Pelvic Health Online Course – £50

If you suffer from stress incontinence  (leakage of urine, wind or stool), Urgency (when you need to go and you just can’t hold on), Frequency (needing to go to the loo more often than normal especially through the night), or a little bit of everything you may need to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and learn some new bladder habits.

You will learn how to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles correctly, how to sit and stand well to improve the way the pelvic floor works. How to use the breath to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and how to strengthen the hips, buttocks and tummy muscles to support the pelvic floor in everyday life.

Each week will include daily homework for you to do between sessions and a pelvic floor friendly Pilates class from week 3.

If you are unable to feel a pelvic floor contraction and relaxation it may be that your pelvic floor is over-active or in spasm and this course is not appropriate for you. If you are experiencing pelvic pain, irregular bleeding or discharge please see your GP before joining this program. If you are not sure if this program is appropriate for you please get in touch.

On week one you will need a pen and paper and somewhere comfortable to lie down. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. I suggest that you invest in a Pelvic Educator to help you do the exercises correctly.

For week 3 you will need a medium strength resistance band.

The course consists of 6 units, each with a 50 to 60 minute video and homework. In addition there is a video on hypopressive breathing. Ideally the course will be completed in 10-12 weeks but you will have access to it for 6 months.

Week 1. The ins and outs of the pelvic floor

  • Where is it, what does it do and why has it gone wrong?
  • How to do a correct pelvic floor muscle contraction and more importantly how to check that you are doing it correctly.
  • Lateral breathing
  • Hip exercises to support your pelvic floor
  • How to complete your bladder diary
  • Homework



Week 2. Don’t stop me now!

  • Tips to help defer urgency
  • Healthy bladder habits
  • Combining the breath with pelvic floor contraction
  • Leak-proof coughing
  • Incorporating pelvic floor exercises into movement
  • Homework 

Week 3. I stand corrected

  • Posture and the pelvic floor
  • Incorporating breathing, movement and pelvic floor exercises
  • Introduction to the Hypopressive technique
  • Pelvic floor friendly Pilates exercises
  • Homework

Week 4. Take my breath away

  • Hypopressive breathing
  • Standing pelvic floor work with exercise involving weight transfer, balance and breathing techniques
  • Exercises and distraction techniques to help with Urgency and Frequency
  • Pelvic floor friendly Pilates exercises
  • Homework

Week 5. Keeping it Real

  • Living life with a strong pelvic floor
  • Functional activities to help you stay strong inside and out
  • Pilates for Pelvic Health
  • Homework

Week 6. You are on your own now

  • Daily maintenance plan
  • 20 minute exercise program to keep


Sample video clips from the course

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Pelvic Floor Maintenance Class

An intermediate class for those that have already completed either our Pelvic Floor Weakness Program or Prolapse Recovery Program. The class is designed to maintain and improve pelvic floor function.

£10 for 30 days access.

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