The Resilience Program

The term Resilience means to bounce back, to recover and that’s exactly what the pelvic floor is capable of. Admittedly, damaging events such as childbirth or surgery may have lasting effects BUT in as little as 12 weeks you can expect to see vast improvements in function and quality of life.

The 5 C’s of Resilience can be applied to your physical rehabilitation as well as your emotional wellbeing. These simple building blocks structure and guide your learning and recovery.

  • Competence. The development of a set of skills and the ability to make choices. Have a look at the Start My Journey video as a first step to identifying your route to recovery
  • Confidence. As you learn new skills and your body becomes stronger you will feel able to cope with situations that would have previously made you run for the bathroom.
  • Connection. The security of knowing that help, advice and support from a specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist will be with you all the way.
  • Coping. Learning to deal with setbacks and disappointments and understanding why they might happen- remember the kid’s trampoline party?
  • Control. Putting you back in control, stop planning your day according to how close you are to a bathroom.

Once we have helped you to identify your first step simply book onto the relevant online module and get started! Remember help is always just an email away.

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