Prolapse Recovery Program

Prolapse Recovery


“Got that heavy feeling?”


10-12 Week Prolapse Recovery Online Course – £50


If you have been told that you have a prolapse, have noticed a feeling of heaviness or a bulge in the vagina and want to understand what is happening then this course is for you.

You will learn what a prolapse is, what you can do to improve symptoms and importantly which activities to avoid that may make it worse

Each week will include daily homework for you to do between sessions and prolapse friendly exercises to make you stronger.

Learn all about pessaries and when they are appropriate, supportive underwear- does it work? What to expect from surgery and how to prepare for and recover from it.

If you are experiencing pelvic pain, irregular bleeding or discharge please see your GP before joining this program. If you are not sure if this program is appropriate for you please get in touch.

Oh and yes you can still have sex!

Course Contents

The course consists of 6 units, each with a 50 to 60 minute video and homework. In addition there are highly informative videos on pessaries, surgery and hypopressive breathing. Ideally the course will be completed in 10-12 weeks but you will have access to it for 6 months.


Week 1. What is it and what is it doing down there? 

  • What is a prolapse, where has it come from and why don’t I feel it all the time?
  • When to seek help
  • How do I know if pelvic floor exercises can make it worse?
  • Why the way you breathe may help
  • What activities make it worse?
  • Can I still have sex?
  • Homework



Week 2. Why does breathing and posture matter?

  • Why the way I stand affects prolapse
  • Would a pessary work for me?
  • Hypopressive technique
  • Prolapse-safe coughing
  • The best positions to do pelvic floor exercise in
  • Homework

 Week 3. Planning for Surgery

  • What if I need surgery?
  • Incorporating breathing and pelvic floor exercises
  • Hypopressive exercises
  • Prolapse friendly Pilates exercises
  • Homework

Week 4. Bringing it together

  • Hypopressive breathing
  • Standing pelvic floor work
  • Prolapse friendly Pilates exercises
  • Homework

Week 5. Keeping it Real

  • Living life with a prolapse
  • Functional activities to help you stay strong inside and out
  • Pilates for Prolapse
  • Homework

Week 6. You are on your own now

  • Daily maintenance plan
  • 20 minute exercise program


“A bladder prolapse at 60 heavily impacted on my life and affected me in every way. I signed up for Tracey’s pelvic floor classes. The first thing she explained was where the pelvic floor should be…shock, horror…really all the way up there? It was a real education. Unfortunately my prolapse was stage 3 so I opted for the operation two years ago but thanks to Tracey I was well prepared for it following the classes, which helped with my recovery. Life is back to where it should be and I can get out and about again. I continue to do pelvic floor exercises every day.”

Jackie K

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