Menopause Program (new course coming soon)

Menopause Management


“Is this it?”


10-12 Week Menopause Management Online Course – £50


Is HRT for you? Do you know the facts?
How much exercise should I be doing?
Is it safe to lift weights?
How can I improve my sleep?

Your Menopause is as individual as you are, you may experience just a few flushes or everything from vaginal dryness and muscle aches to insomnia and stupefying brain fog.

No matter what your symptoms are, hormonal change will affect all of your body’s systems from bone density to heart health and dementia risk.

This program is for you if you want to understand what is happening to your brain and your body. What you can do to manage your symptoms, how to hold onto your strength, bone density and muscle tone.

Each week we discuss a different aspect of menopause and include a 30 minute exercise program to help with sleep & stress, pelvic floor weakness, and strength.

Course Contents

The course consists of 6 units, each with a 50 to 60 minute video and homework. Ideally the course will be completed in 10-12 weeks but you will have access to it for 6 months.


Week 1. The Menopause

  • What is it and why do I feel like this?
  • HRT – should I shouldn’t I?

Week 2. How can I start to be more active?

  • Exercise and Recovery
  • Healthy bladder habits
  • Incorporating pelvic floor exercises into movement
  • Homework 



Week 3. But what about the weight gain?

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Breathing and Relaxation
  • Homework

Week 4. Strong bones

  • Weight training and the Menopausal Woman
  • Exercises and distraction techniques to help with Urgency and Frequency
  • Pelvic floor friendly Strength exercises
  • Homework

Week 5. Keeping it Real

  • Living life with a strong pelvic floor
  • Functional activities to help you stay strong inside and out
  • Homework

Week 6. You are on your own now

  • Daily maintenance plan
  • 20 minute exercise program to keep


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