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Do you pee when you exercise, laugh, cough, run or pick up something heavy?
Are your orgasms weaker and less satisfying than they used to be?
Can you stop the flow of urine once you have started?
Do you find yourself planning your day according to the availability of toilets?
Do you use pads regularly?
Do you find that you are unable to hold on when you get the urge to go to the toilet?
Do you get up often during the night to pass urine or go to the loo every couple of hours during the day?
If you answered yes to some of these questions then you may have weak pelvic floor muscles that are causing stress incontinence with some urgency or frequency – most of us have a bit of each.

If you would like to discuss this with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist please complete the contact form below or if you would like to find more about incontinence due to weak pelvic floor muscles please sign up for the Pelvic Floor Weakness Program.


Does it sometimes feel as if something is restricting your ability to empty the bladder or bowel?
Do you sometimes feel as though there is a heaviness or something dropping down into the vagina?
Can you feel a lump or swelling inside or at the entrance to the vagina?
When you cough or pick up something heavy do you feel a bulge in the vagina?
Do you notice a heavy feeling or bulge at the end of the day or if you are on your feet for long periods?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you may have a prolapse. I would recommend that you speak to your GP or consult a local Women’s Health Physiotherapist, as a vaginal examination is necessary to confirm the type and severity.

If you have already taken medical advice and have been told that it is safe for you to begin to exercise, sign up for the Prolapse Recovery Programme.


Do you experience pain in the pelvis or perineum?
Do you have difficulty or experience pain when using a tampon or during a medical examination?
Is vaginal penetration painful?
Do you sometimes feel as though you haven’t completely emptied your bladder or bowel?
Do you suffer from constipation?
Does it sometimes take a little while to relax enough to start the flow of urine or empty your bowels?
Can you feel the difference between contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles?
If you have answered yes to some of these questions you may have overactive or high tone pelvic floor muscles. Please consult a local Women’s Health Physiotherapist, as it is advisable to have a vaginal examination before beginning an exercise programme.

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